BALENCIA was named after the Spanish pronunciation of Valencia Street in San Francisco, California in 2023. Throughout Valencia’s extensive history it has been known to blend diverse backgrounds together into a proud, polarized yet harmonized community. The street has consistently been home to vibrant artists, activists, and innovators resulting in tourism for uniquely new, and historical events. 


BALENCIA represents relentless pursuit and attainment of excellence. The lessening of bad and gaining of good. Liberty of design, seeking truth and justice, peace over war, and aid to person. Rebirth or deviation is in time, vital for transformation and advancement. The Phoenix, as life, always finds a way to persevere through adversity, superior, than ever before. 


BALENCIA’s Phoenix references both San Francisco’s flag mascot, the Phoenix, and the founder of BALENCIA. The Phoenix symbolizes San Francisco’s enduring and overcoming spirit towards multiple disasters  and challenges such as major fires and earthquakes throughout the city’s history. The founder adopted the Phoenix’s legend after nearly losing his life at least two times. Once by illness, and the other, attempted murder.  These incidents helped transform the founder into a purposed, stronger, and more cognizant individual. 


BALENCIA’s founder is a Libra, born, and partially raised proud native from San Francisco. He showed early signs of fashion interest at the age of 2 when he would show off his new shoes to those around him. Growing up he would come to be known as a fashion conscious person, later, fashion connoisseur, and finally, fashion designer. BALENCIA has been associated with home to him for as long as he could remember.


BALENCIA aims to provide those passionate about fashion meaningful, customizable, and aesthetic apparel. 

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